"You make me all radioactive in my knees!"

A playlist of all the atomic age love songs I could find for all you radioactive cuties out there!!

- Link to the play list { Here } -

1. Fallout Filly | Chris Cerf
2. Guided Missiles | The Cuff Links
3. Atom Bomb Baby | The Five Stars
4. You Hit Me Like an Atomic Bomb | Fay Simmons
5. Satellite | Teresa Brewer
6. Satellite Baby | Skip Stanley
7. Fallout Shelter | Billy Chambers
8. Atomic Baby | Amos Milburn
9. Your Atom Bomb Heart | Hank King with Bud Williams and his Smiling Buddies
10. Cold War With You | Floyd Tillmanthis
11. Sputnik (Satellite Chick) | Jerry Engler And The Four Ekkos
12. My Radiation Baby ( My Teenage Fallout Queen) | George Mckelvey

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    I actually have an entire library filled to the brim with atomic age songs, that being one of them. I even have some...
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    Not romantic, but Tom Lehrer’s “The Wild West is Where I Want to Be” and “We Will All Go Together When We Go” are fun.
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